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The Ranger Inn of Bangor is dedicated to operating a successful lodging Inn by providing quality lodging at a fair price while retaining its commitment of warm hospitality, cleanliness, and ethical business practices. The evidence of our success is determined by how much demand there is for our establishment.

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Owner's Message

In Maine, you've got to make a living "make-do" somehow.  It's not easy for most Mainers.  Nowadays, most Mainiacs are involved in such careers as education, pulp and paper, healthcare, agriculture, legal, tourism, business and professional, fishing, boatbuilding, or work for the state of Maine.  I chose the lodging world. 

Good old hospitality with clean, tidy, comfortable, and affordable rooms.  The longer you stay, the more you save.  No chandeliers, valet, pricing gimmicks, or complicated frequent stay programs.  At Ranger, you can rent a room by the week or the month. Either way, you'll save more.

Even the legendary Ted Williams enjoyed staying here while on fishing expeditions in Maine and New Brunswick.

Whatever it is, run with the little local guy.  We are simple and independent.  The Ranger Inn is Maine Made, Maine Owned, and Maine Operated. All of our revenues and profit are kept and invested within Maine except for the natural gas from Sable Island.  We appreciate your support.

What's your game plan?
  • Reducing your pain at the pump
  • Moving between homes or apartments
  • Business/ construction
  • Visiting relatives or friends
  • Pursuing a degree
  • Building a home
  • In between a relationship and/or a job

Ranger Inn is your home away from home!

Ranger Inn is independently owned and operated.
The Inn has been serving the lodging needs of the public since 1951. 

1476 Hammond Street
Bangor, Maine 04401
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